Marc Andre Bickel aka External Consequence was born and raised in 1994 in Vorarlberg, Austria
He became enthusiastic about music from a very early age
At the age of 10 he discovered radio
The song Tell me Why by Prezioso feat. Marvin had a great influence on me and counts as a childhood memory
And only a short time later I also found joy in singing, which I really enjoyed at the time
In 2007 I slowly started to leave home
I still enjoyed singing in the children's and youth facility
During this time the band Sunrise Avenue had a great influence on me
He also listened to almost all of their albums
And if that wasn't enough, I started memorizing the songs from Sunrise Avenue and singing along
Then me and my former roommate decided to sing these songs
Singing to the entire group community and founded the duo band Sunset
So I decided that I wanted to make music
In 2017/18 I started to change my musical style
I became enthusiastic about the hardstyle genre
And it was immediately clear to me that it was really nice
Some time later I was shown the hardcore genre, which was initially really intense and unusual
I started listening to and getting to know hardcore with my role model, producer and DJ Angerfist
Little by little I started to like it and it is now one of my favorite genres

The path to music
In 2020 I decided to start my own web radio, MB Live Radio
But after a short while I gave up the whole thing because it wasn't the right thing to do
In 2021 I came up with the idea of creating a YouTube channel where I could upload my future music
Every now and then, with no experience and no idea, I tried to upload tracks under the then name DJ MB9 for one
Where after a short while I threw everything away again
In 2021 I also started my career in the gaming scene with Mister V8 Junior and then as The Asphalt Cowboys where I started uploading gameplays
After about a year I didn't feel like it anymore and gradually neglected the whole thing
Then I came up with the idea of starting a new YouTube channel, namely the Nebelix Vaping channel, where everything revolved around the topic of e-cigarettes
But after a while I gave up on that too because it still wasn't the right thing

In October 2022 I decided to deal with the topic of music again and sent my finished tracks without effects to a friend who had been doing it for a while and he just said that I had potential for it
The sentence motivated me so much that I started really working on it in November 2022
I also created an account for Spotify to sell my music
And it got better day by day
And after 1 ½ years I still have a lot of fun with it
Hardcore Will Never Die
External consequences